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By Loïc NM, 7 march 2024

Stimulate your imagination through listening: The Lunii range

The magical world of Lunii

Lunii offers a wide range of audio content specially designed for children. From fantastic stories to zany adventures and timeless fairy tales, each story transports children into a captivating imaginary world. With Lunii, they can explore extraordinary worlds and develop their boundless creativity.

Listen to create

What makes Lunii unique is its ability to actively involve children in the storytelling process. With the "My Story Factory" function, children can choose the characters, places, objects and even the plot of their own story. This encourages them to exercise their imagination and become the authors of their own adventures. Listening to their own creations makes them feel invested and inspired, boosting their self-confidence and their love of storytelling.

The importance of active listening

Listening to Lunii stories is not only entertaining, it's also educational. By listening carefully to the stories, children develop their language skills, narrative comprehension and attention span. What's more, by exploring different kinds of stories, they broaden their horizons and discover new interests.

Encouraging creativity without screens

In a world where screens are ubiquitous, Lunii offers a valuable alternative by stimulating children's imagination without resorting to digital devices. Captivating, interactive audio stories allow children to immerse themselves in imaginary worlds while preserving screen time and promoting healthy development.

The power of shared stories

One of the most wonderful aspects of Lunii is its ability to bring the whole family together around captivating stories. Whether it's during car journeys with the "Octave Audio Headphones", sleepovers or just relaxing, listening to Lunii stories becomes an enjoyable and rewarding activity for everyone. It's the perfect opportunity for parents to connect with their children and share precious moments together.

A world of boundless imagination

With Lunii, children can explore fantastic worlds, travel through time, meet extraordinary characters and experience thrilling adventures, all through listening. This experience opens up an infinite universe of possibilities where children's imaginations are the only limit. By cultivating their creativity and nurturing their curiosity, Lunii prepares them to face the world with confidence and ingenuity.


FLAM: the revolutionary interactive story player

Lunii recently launched its latest model, FLAM, an interactive story player designed to transport children to the heart of the most captivating adventures. Compact and ultra-immersive, FLAM represents a major evolution in the world of interactive listening for children. With its compact size and ergonomic design, FLAM is the ideal companion for children on all their adventures. Whether on long car journeys, family holidays or outdoor getaways, FLAM guarantees hours of entertainment and wonder. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for children to navigate between the different stories and enjoy unique interactive experiences.

FLAM goes beyond simply listening to stories by offering children the chance to actively participate in the narration. Thanks to the "Become the hero" function, children can make decisions that influence the course of the story, encouraging them to develop their creativity and decision-making skills. This interactivity reinforces children's autonomy while stimulating their imagination in a fun and engaging way.

To discover the full LUNII range, click here!



All in all, the Lunii range offers much more than stories to listen to; it is a genuine invitation to adventure and discovery. By stimulating children's imaginations, Lunii helps them to develop essential skills for their future, while offering moments of joy and togetherness as a family. With Lunii, every story becomes an open door to a magical world where anything is possible.


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