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By Aurélia P., 30 april 2024

Hopono puts mums in the spotlight: our ideas for pampering them!

I'm lucky enough to have an extraordinary mum. I'm going to take a few lines to tell you this because it can never be said too often! My mum is extremely kind, both to her own family and to the people around her. She's got a great sense of humour, she's the queen of organisation and she's always there when we need her. What's yours like?

One year, I presented here the top 5 of my favourite novels about mothers. This year, it's time for painting, because when it comes to painting, mums are no slouches. The most famous? Mary, of course. The Virgin and Child are undisputed masterpieces of painting and sculpture. In fact, there are many representations of the 'woman with child' (breast-feeding or not) in most cultures of the world, including pre-Christian Europe. Even if my heart leans towards those of the Italian quattrocento, here's a modern one made by ... an AI!

If you drop by our shop, you'll see our pretty window dedicated to mums. We offer a wide choice of gifts for every style of woman! Do-it-yourselfers, bohemians, flâneuses, coquettes... My colleague has even created a Mother's Day section on the webshop.

In the meantime, here are my favourites!


For the fun-loving

The happy, bubbly ones, the ones who don't take themselves too seriously and who want a little glitter in their lives. For whom a 'Petits pois' vase is just the thing, but who would just as easily fall for a sunny Frida Kahlo, just for the pleasure of seeing her shake her brush. For these sunny women, I can only recommend these articles!

For manual workers

Those who always have been, but especially those who perhaps aren't yet. Those who can barely find the time between two feeding-bottles or those, like me, whose children are growing up and who are feverishly reclaiming time for themselves. Well, I don't know how to paint, but the incredible result of this paint-by-number will give me great satisfaction. Perhaps then I'll dare to try my hand without a model? For those who like to assemble a Lucky Cat 3 D for the pleasure of making an eco-friendly piece of cardboard and keeping their hands busy. In short, for mums in action!

For those who match

The ones we admire because everything matches, the bag, the scarf, the jewellery... I've never been one of them and I'm jealously envious, I admit! If you don't know how, take a look at Wouf. The little towelling novelties are so cute and there's a way to give a total look to the mum in your heart!


For future mums...

For all those who carry life and are already mums, even if baby is still in his cocoon, an excellent party! We women are mums from the moment we take our pregnancy test! A pretty fanny pack is an excellent idea, because you can use it before, during and after baby. It's big, practical and doesn't look like a changing bag. And if it's a more classic changing bag that the mother-to-be is dreaming of, here's the Raphael Coeur Sable bag. It's so cute, it can also be used as a weekend bag!

Didyma's Chania Moon bracelet is made from moonstones, which give strength during pregnancy. It helps you better understand your feelings and brings calm and serenity.

To help you overcome your distaste for unpleasant smells, visit our Scents section, where we offer a wide range of home fragrances, either as diffusers or candles.


For decorating fans

Those who pamper their interiors, who change their decor according to the season, who fall for a candleholder with relish.... we've just brought you these little marvels! Combine them with the other candleholders in the Richie collection from Anna & Nina to create a magical atmosphere at dinner parties. A lovely decorative gift!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there - it's up to you to make them happy! Jewellery, scarves, posters... you're bound to find something to suit you!

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