With spring comes the urge to go shopping again! Strolling between the greengrocer and the seller of small odds and ends, buying fresh produce from the local market... What a treat! In fact, that's the theme of our next window display at Hopono. So I've come up with a few products for you! Grab your shopping bag and let's go!

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Faites votre marché chez Hopono, c'est de saison !

I love going to the market! Buying good produce, smelling the spices, tasting everything! It's real life, a far cry from the aseptic superstores.

Don't know where to find all the markets in Brussels? Don't panic, here's the link to the website dedicated to them! https://marches.bruxelles.be/

Daily or occasional, food or other? You can even select the day or days you're interested in and find the market that's right for you!

When you think of a market, you think of a shopping bag!

Make sure you're well equipped, because once you've started, you'll always find more than you initially needed. Tote bags, reusable bags, or even the Laureen - Dusty Mint basket from Liewood, which is as practical for the beach (sand doesn't get stuck) as it is at the market, and can be stored flat! You'll be spoilt for choice, and that's what we love! Special mention to the recycled plastic shopping bags and their incredible looks!

Hopono's love of the market extends to our everyday items! Funny and quirky, they remind us of market stalls! Like these sausage, crisps, red wine and orange socks! Discover the unique collection of Eat My Socks from DOIY! Fashion meets comfort with trendy, original socks. Whether you're looking for fun patterns, bright colours or unique designs, the choice is yours!

Original dishes to serve the beautiful products you've found? My absolute favourite is the guacamole bowl! Surprise your guests with style and flavour thanks to this spacious aperitif bowl. Shaped like an avocado, it can hold more than 4 avocados, ensuring that no one goes hungry.

And if you prefer dried fruit, get ready for a unique culinary experience with this ceramic bowl in the shape of a peanut! Its realistic design perfectly recreates the shape and texture of a shelled peanut, adding a playful touch to your snack service.

Rikikis love the market too! Brighten up their day and soothe their quenches with the Vegetables natural rubber teething ring from Oli & Carol.

Oli & Carol is the story of 2 sisters who sought out natural materials and original shapes to create fun products for modern parents and cool kids. Their idea is to promote dietary diversity and a heathy lifestyle, both through the materials they choose and the design of their toys. The teething toys are made without holes, which makes them much more hygienic as mould cannot get inside. They can also be used as bath toys.

To play with on the way home from the market, here's the wooden Farme Market by Janod. This beautiful Janod imitation toy comes with lots of accessories for a rewarding and realistic play experience. In all, 58 accessories complete this children's market!


I'll leave you to it, I'm off to the market!

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