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By Aurélia P., 25 january 2024

Valentine's Day 2024: history, legends and gift ideas!

A little history

While researching the origins of Valentine's Day, I discovered that it seemed important to find one, or even several origins to this tradition, but that they were not always clear...

In the Middle Ages, in England, Valentine's Day took on an amorous connotation, as it was during this period and even on this very day that the little birds were paired up... It is likely that many legends were born at this time - remember, stories were very popular at the time. In the legends that circulated, the date was always linked to the martyrdom of the saint.

The most widespread legend tells of a Christian priest, Valentine, who defied the authority of Emperor Claudius II. Claudius II had banned marriages, claiming that soldiers would be less reluctant to go to war if they didn't have a wife. Valentin married young couples in secret... When the deception was discovered, the priest was executed and became a martyr.

But who was Saint Valentine?

There is not one, but three Saint Valentines, all three martyrs who are celebrated on 14 February. Valentine of Rome, of Terni and of Rhetia. But in the end, the three figures are in fact one and the same person, whose cult is said to have travelled from Rome to Bavaria. His relics can be found in different places, depending on where his existence was claimed.


Nowadays, this is an international celebration, and although traditions vary slightly from country to country, the one thing that remains constant is the increased attention paid to your loved one on this day. Cards, roses (80% of flowers sold on D-Day), chocolates, outings or gifts - it's the perfect time to be romantic!

At Hopono, our window displays have been decked out in the colours of love, to your delight!

Our ideas for her

Jewellery, scarves, handbags, the new red Amore heart collection from Wouf... Hopono has a huge selection to choose from.

My favourite: the incredible neon lights, especially those perfect for the occasion: All you need is love, bitten lips or the little heart.

Their modern design and captivating luminosity make them an ideal choice for those looking for a unique and contemporary way to express their feelings. Whether in a living room, bedroom or any other living space, these lights become the visual reflection of a timeless message: love is the light that lights our way.

Our ideas for him


For the man in your life, you'll find quality clothing, connected watches, bracelets, card holders, and why not a superb Nanoblock bonsai?

My absolute favourite? The superb boxes from Lexon, which come in several models.

The Jean-Michel Basquiat Crown set

The crown motif in Basquiat's work has several meanings. It serves as a self-portrait, where the artist depicts himself as a king, embodying his perception of himself as a powerful and influential figure in the art world. The crown symbolises his ambition to achieve greatness and leave a lasting impact on the art scene. Insightfully, Basquiat also uses the crown to honour other influential artists, recognising their talent. It thus became a symbol of power, authority and status, in keeping with the traditions of graffiti art.

The Love White Keith Haring (pictured in the "for her" selection, also available in black) This set features unique packaging inspired by the iconic artist, carefully crafted by the Lexon design team. Featuring all four available Lexon items inspired by the vibrant artwork, this gift set creates a unique fusion of art and functionality, inspiring and engaging art lovers in a way that goes beyond the traditional realm of product design.

The collage revisits Keith Haring's iconic symbols, creating a canvas of interconnectedness, compassion and unity. The heart, the bearer of optimism and love, is scattered among a host of dancing figures, while the radiant baby takes centre stage.

Each fully matching box includes the Mina medium portable LED lamp, a Mino+ Mini Bluetooth speaker, a reversible radio-controlled LCD alarm clock and a Tykho 3 FM radio & 3W Bluetooth® speaker! It's a fantastic gift!

Don't hesitate to pop into the shop to see our window display and our lovers corner!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Aurélia P


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