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By Aurélia P., 18 january 2024

Our Feel good tips for surviving the depths of winter!

The festive season is over, we've taken down the tree, gone through our presents, maybe put on a bit of weight and lost a bit of money on festive follies... It's grey, cold, and we're short of light and vitamin D. It's the depths of winter, the time when we dream of huddling in a burrow to emerge in March or April. It's January.

But you've got to hang in there, because February is short and then it's time to roll up your sleeves for the good times!
Here are a few tips to help you wait it out and still enjoy winter!
A positive attitude
As the French singer and philosopher Lorie so aptly put it:
"There are times when your morale breaks
For that, I've found an effective remedy

The positive attitude".

Listen to the song, its main benefit is that when it ends, you're already happy :o)
More seriously, it's much easier to overcome obstacles when you accept them. There's no point fighting it, January has to pass, there's no choice, so you might as well make the best of it. Rather than endure it, sprinkle it with joyful moments, see loved ones you didn't get to meet over the holidays, try out a new restaurant, park, bar... If it's snowing, rejoice in the sight, be grateful for life's tiny pleasures, like this little tree on which you can write every day what you're grateful for, or a small pleasure of the day. You'll enjoy rereading them later.

Go into cocooning mode!
It's cold out and you really need to bundle up - it's pilou pilou time. Heated slippers, a hot water bottle, a fireplace in the living room... there's no better way to warm your body and your heart.
In our "Winter warmth" section, you'll find a small selection of products designed for this purpose.

Eat healthily
After the excesses of the end of the year, the body needs to fill up on vitamins and balance. Cook, cut down on junk food that tends to make you feel unwell, boost your intake of omega-3s and magnesium and take care of yourself. Grab your water bottle, yoga mat and go, and take it easy so you don't injure yourself or get discouraged. Listen to your body - the important thing is to do it good, not harm.
Have you heard of Adrienne's online yoga sessions? She's fantastic and offers yoga sessions for all situations, including convalescence, if like me you've been unlucky with viruses. Grab your cookut and your favourite cookbook and off you go.

Get out and about despite the cold
Even if it's nice to stay under your blanket, the cold air is invigorating and kills germs. So get some fresh air, don't give up on the outdoors. Equip yourself with a hat, scarf and gloves and off you go!


Are you familiar with Evolg gloves?

Evolg Japanese gloves have been meticulously designed with a very specific aim in mind: to allow you to use your smartphone smoothly without having to take them off every time you feel the urge or need to. This requirement has been essential in Japan for several years now!

The leather used is perfectly compatible with touch screens. What's more, it's equipped with the Diper ID function, enabling authentication by thumbprint. So you no longer need to remove the glove to unlock your smartphone, combining the distinctive style of the Saga range with quality and practicality.

Come on, cheer up, and we're all looking forward to spring!

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