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By Aurélia P., 7 february 2024

Ice Watch: Affordable connected watches for everyone!

Here are a lot of connected objects out there! Cameras, glasses, key rings, trackers, lamps, scales (I hate mine: if I don't select my profile in a second, my whole family can find out my weight... horrible), clothes and of course watches.

By far the most fashionable connected object at the moment is the watch. It no longer just tells you the time. It's become a real life assistant!

Although the connected watch became truly popular after the 2010s, its invention dates back to the 80s! In 1982, Seiko brought out the Pulsar NL-C01, to which a keyboard could be connected for data input. The first Apple Watch appeared in 2014, and you have to spend at least around €400 to get one.

These days, it's a much more affordable product, and one that is proving very popular. And why is that? Because these watches make our lives easier. Like an extension of your smartphone, they offer a whole host of functions!

Ice Watch, the affordable connected watch

At Hopono, we offer various models of connected ice watch, in version 2.0, for adults and children alike.

The difference with the brand's previous model (Ice Watch One) lies in the Amoled screen, which consumes less energy than LCD screens and only lights up when it needs to, considerably reducing energy consumption. What's more, when it's not illuminated, the watch almost looks more like a bracelet than a watch.


Thanks to its advanced functions, this watch is much more than just an accessory - it's a truly connected life companion.

Stay connected to your phone with Bluetooth connectivity, receive notifications, calls and messages directly on your watch. You can even control the music on your phone without having to take it out of your pocket.

But the Ice Smart Two doesn't stop there! This watch also features comprehensive activity tracking such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, pedometer, calories etc. to help you stay fit and active throughout the day. You can track your number of steps, calories burned and even your heart rate.

Its bright, intuitive touch screen gives you easy access to all the functions. You can personalise your dial to suit your style and give your watch a unique touch.

Ice Smart Two is also water-resistant, making it ideal for your training sessions, outdoor activities and more daring adventures.

For Juniors

The Ice Watch Junior has thought of everything for today's little ones. As well as its incredible looks, the junior version also offers great functionality, with or WITHOUT a smartphone.

If your child doesn't have a smartphone, the watch will tell them the time (yes, it's a minimum), but they'll also be able to play games and calculate their steps.

If your child has a smartphone, the functions are fairly similar to those of your own connected watch: sending and receiving text messages, emails, social networks, alarm clock, alarms, reminders, personalisation of the dial, monitoring of heart rate throughout the day and sleep phases. You'll be able to check your baby's deep sleep phases to make sure he's getting a good night's sleep.


The ICE function is also very useful. If your child gets lost and doesn't know your number by heart, don't panic! You can be contacted thanks to the 3 emergency numbers that you have previously entered into their watch!

Depending on their mood, your children can change the image on the screen to a space, tennis, car or even a photo of their phone! You can even download over 150 new dials using the "ICE JUNIOR" application. It's an evolutionary watch, with dials suitable for both young children and teenagers!

Aurélia P.


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